nope not going down that road


do I care about anything????

501 posts woohoo let me get my party hat

eh the style of arena really doesn’t appeal to me much? because it takes the whole “over the top” animish feel that both persona 3 and 4 have and give them more priority over the realism elements? like it isn’t just the fact the akihiko wandered across the world without a shirt but the dialogue feels strangely manufactured? which is kind of why I’m looking forward to persona q more than ultimax, heh. 

you know I like it better that way something tells me knowledge would just make me really disappointed 

i still know literally nothing about fighting games

famitsu releases 13 pages about how your waifu/husbando plays like shit now and then buffs the hell out of elizabeth game of the year

oh wow I sure do talk a lot about nothing

ahhhh I wish somebody had collected the english unique intros for persona 4 arena :T 

i’m actually curious did anybody click the link