hype is like candy in that too much of it will rot you(r opinions of something when it finally comes out)

when namatame controlled your party for this first time I flipped out it was so cool man same for the thing where they all fell for you great use of the medium

yukiko loves how strong chie’s body is, chie’s extremely disappointed with yosuke’s strength and cleanliness, yosuke is yosuke with yukiko’s body, naoto feels extremely uncomfortable and even more out of place with Kanji’s body, KANJI WITH TEDDIE’S BODY, IMAGINE, TEDDIE IN YU’S BODY, and yu in naoto’s body yeah that’s my shit

persona 4 bodyswap au

fo sho

i hate teddie so much but I love teddie so much this is a terrible feeling

Artist: Crombie The Zombie
Track Name: "What a Teddieous Song!"
Played: 3369 times

that fucking song has been stuck in my head all fucking day that song is fucking dated at this point


Jess, Starter Queen and pokemon champion